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Digging Up Death

The only wrong move during the heroquest was drinking on the job. No, no, no. Humakt no like. But the quest worked well. And the final bonus wasn’t affected. But the surge of divine power into your clan was less than it could have been. Them’s the breaks.

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue JorJar the Quick and his Trollkin Jor Jar warns his Trollkin about ghouls on the streets.
#2 Stayn Connect/Team All the Golden Arrows in the Rubble STayn does not want to give up the wind spirit to the Trolls. He suggests they sneak out of the Rubble using the chink in the wall they had found earlier. The roll to accomplish this fails, as a result there is a change: Oghma tells them that Booster has been lost in the caverns while trailing trolls in the hopes of having a sneaky way into Pavis.
#3 Ty Connect Ty and the Wind Spirit Ty and the spirit (actually, a sorcerous essence with a very friendly interface programmed by Pavis) commence an exploration of the dungeon into which Booster got lost. It soon becomes apparent that Ty is being drawn into re-enacting Humakt’s discovery of death [later, it is intimated that Tintalker has been activating a real-world Heroquest and Ty has been drawn into it].
#4 Ty Solo Ty Ty meditates and recalls to himself his Granfather’s tales of Humakt’s exploits. Begins some solo exploration aided by Wind Spirit. Discovers and ancient dagger
#5 Stayn Solo STayn S. draws together his memories of ancient this-world heroquest rituals and tries to come up with advice for Ty: set your purpose, find a ritual object to imbue with power, and follow in the foosteps of the god.
#6 GM Connecting/Intrigue Tintalker and Stayn T., acting in the role of Orlanth asks Stayn — who has the rune of Illusion but is not a follower of the Trickster — to steal Death from Ty, who is busy acting out the role of Humakt.
#7 HEROQUEST xxx Ty @ Humakt, Stayn @ Eurmal, Tintalker waiting outside, a lost Sundomer @ Yelm, Booster @ Orlanth Myth details below

Stayn and crew overcome some non-canonical interruptions of the myth: Ogul is an “ancestor” who asks them to be shrewd rather than courageous, but he is ignored; they are offered liquor and imbibe, which is counter to Humakt’s will. The run into a Booster and Cedric the Sundomer in the middle of an argument. Booster seems possessed, and he is: the heroquest is compelling him to act like the defiant Orlanth who uses death to teach the haughty sun a lesson. Cedric is left dead. At this point, Chaos makes its entry as it did in the myth: monsters – in this case the undead — break in. In his Hero light, Ty leads the charge against 3 ghoul warriors, a ghoul woman and 2 ghoul twins. The quest ends with a return to Pavis via the route scouted out by Booster and Ty places the blade in the temple to Humakt on Sword Street

Leftover Scenes: (stuff I should have said at the time)

  • GM/Connect/3rd Party: Scharman Ingli would make some move to draw the Golden Arrows into some street action against his enemies and Jor Jar’s protection racket
  • GM/Solo/In-Group/Tintalker laments the failure of his heroquest — without Death in his hands the revolution will be delayed
  • GM/Solo/Out-Group/Jor-Jar in some alley fight down by the docks against some fierce ghouls
  • GM/Solo/3rd Party/Scharman Ingli totting up incoming/outcoming cash shows great discontent with the montly expenses on payments to Jor-Jar’s protection racket. He scratches out Jor Jar’s name angrily
  • GM/Solo/3rd Party

Default Resistance 19/16 on next adventure.



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