Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

Give Peace a Chance

nothin's funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue Halarax, Ingilli H. (normally pro-Lunar) asks for a chance to make peace w. raiders attacking boats, I. (normally neutral) gives him a month to end them or he will ask for the Lunars to do it: business before politics.
#2 Sam Connecting O-gul,Caliope / Dolphin Gang O and C picking up exotic booze shipment, Ds ask for protection money, C sneaks off, O gives them a drink from horn, fails to intoxicate them, retreats
#3 Kole Connecting Stayn,Booster / Dolphin Gang S has spotted his rival meet w. Ingilli in the Rivermen’s Hall, backed by blackmarketeer Booster, they see Uncle O-gul humiliated by Dolphins, try to blowgun one for questioning, fail and kill him. Stayn leaves note: don’t mess w. Golden Arrow Clan [Gang Warfare Loresheet]
#4 GM Scheming Zakurrial Blue Llama The fanatical Blue Llama shaman summons a potent blue spirit medicine, pounces on a reed barge heading upriver, sends it to bottom of the Zola Fel, still burning, then spurs his llama off to Vulture Country (turns out a junior member of the Golden Arrows was aboard it.)
#5 GM Scheming Orvost Tintalker The fugitive Orlanth priest is seen backing out of a tunnel in The Rubble, crying something like “we can talk this out,” gets engulfed by flood of dark Troll magic.
#6 Mark Connecting/Team Ty & the PCs (Oghma spies a while, then leaves) Ty talks about the need to start working on further improving the clan’s wealth. Kole suggests they approach the clan. [Rubble Loresheet]
#7 GM Intrigue Orvost Tintalker [cont. from #6]The fugitive Orlanth priest and his crew materialize in the Bubbling Baboon, and break in on the meeting. OT. wants the help of the Golden Arrows (a clan with ties to Issaries and the Harmony rune) to make peace with Trolls: OT needs a new hiding place in The Rubble and Bolg’s Uz are harassing him. OT promises cash reward. Wolfshelm looks at the pretty girl with the cloak and basket of baked goods. This is going to be rolled in with clan meeting. The wind lords take off in a puff of wind.
#8 Peter Connecting Oghma and his alynx They speak to the alynxes of the windlords. He followed their spooky moves to a place between Wyvern Gate and New Pavis. The windlords elevate themselves to the wall top and go over. Oghma is dubious about relying on this lot.
#9 CM Intrigue Halarax meeting with Timo, Tykella at clan HQ H. has come to pay for the funeral of a Golden Arrow member killed on the attacked barge. He has come to use the clan’s peace resources and long-standing ritual connection with the nomads to make peace with Blue Llama before the Lunar occupiers send out a punitive raid. He gets chased off by the crew.
#10 Kate Connecting Most of the crew, -Oghma [Kole’s idea, but on Calliope’s budget]. Calliope suggests that helping the rebels will pay off with improved prominence among the exiled Orlanthi in New Pavis. And a Rubble Raid will be profitable. So Tykella, holding the chair of Issaries, agrees to let the team go and employ the clan’s Peace resources, and gives her an icon of their ancestors to carry.
#11 Mark Solo Ty Studies his secret map and comes up with a super-clever plan for getting the team in and out of the Rubble (to be revealed as the scene unfolds)
#12 Kate Solo Calliope Baking: thinks of the kind of buns Trolls want. Sadly, corpse of Dolphin Gang member not available (shades of Sweeny Todd)
#13 Kole Solo Stayn Goes over the mythology to see how clan heritage can help the peacemaking: the Onetree Exchange, where Issaries learned that communication and trade can be effective as war in promoting the life of the clan.
#14? Ron Solo Booster [Uses his underworld connections to dig up a rumor about a crumbling crack on the west wall between Wyvern Gate and New Pavis
#15 Peter Solo Oghma Peter investigates wall and digs the crack a little deeper. Somehow Oghma got word to the crew before the raid that the windlords seem a little unreliable as a form of transport.
#16 Sam Solo O-gul Asks cronies in bar for info. It is basically: throw the young people as distractions while you run away.
#17 Ron Connecting Booster Uses his underworld connections to try and roll up a helpful NPC. Rolls well and I give him Griselda. She is interested in backing the venture out of; a) an interest in promoting young “talent”, b) a cut of the profits from any scavenging, c) a bit of a patriotic streak. She will send Wolfshead with a loan of some sweet Dwarven climing gear to help the guys get in.
#18 GM Extended Contest Most of the crew / Wolfshead, Bolg & his Trolls Not really an extended contest: more an Group Simple contest to determine how easily the crew gets to the appointed meeting place where the Uz and the windlords have been tussling. Individually, only 2 characters take some hits. The sneaking works well over all. We do some fictional positioning: next session will begin with a REAL extended contest to handle the negotiations between the Golden Arrows, Tintalker, and Bolg.



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