Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

The Children of the Silver Prince

Fallout from the resurrection of Orlanth

The Wyter has gained the following magical abilities:
- Free desert spirit from Lunar chains (feat)
- Hide from Morokanth spirits (feat)

Every Clan Member has the new ability
- “We resurrected Orlanth”

The “3rd Age” [post dragonkill epoch] has been rewritten

  • We returned to Dragon Pass because: we needed to awake the Silver King who would save the world
  • New Tribe: the Dinacoli, the rich ones, supported the High King to fulfill the prophecy of the saviour
  • King Sartar: we remember his sacred self-immolation in the lightning bolt that sanctified the temple at Boldhome. His fleshly sacrifice opened the door to the Silver King.
  • Lunar Missionaries: our sacred aura drove them off.

The “Exile” period of your mythology has been rewritten

  • Followed Orlanth’s sacred command to strike out to the East
  • Orlanth gave a secret prophecy to Dorasar, that his line would be the new high kings, so we followed him
  • New Friends in Pavis: Orlanth showed mercy to the Sun Domers, so long as they know their place
  • New Foe: the devious Morokanth, whom we out tricked
  • The Lunar Invasion: we joined in with the nomads at Moonbroth, where we fought gloriously and our sacred dead promised us our inevitable victory
  • Dorasar told us that we would stop here a moment, before spreading our wings over the whole world



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