Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

The Masks of the Moon

Penultimate means you try twice as hard

Player’s Resource: Magic
Target Resource: Morale
- Bullford Clan (outgroup) tries to break it
- Gimgim, working through Althmandi clan and Morokanths, also targets it
[the Bullford’s obnoxiosity didn’t fit the paradigm, I have to rethink NPC actions: they are supposed to WANT the resource, not just be a tool for the GM to stress the players with wanton aggression]

1620/Sacred Time/Luck Week/Freeze Day to Godsday

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue Halarax GimGim with the Althmandi and Morokanth conspiring to break the will of the Golden Arrows
#2 Javin Solo J and Courtesan Javin gives into lustful flaw, dereliction of duty, and rumors passed on.
#3 Javin Connect ?
#4 Calliope Connect C. Something about jealousy w. Ty
#5 Althmandi Connecting Lita and Calliope Money sways breakin
#6 Sif Solo Telling Fortunes Big Eel and Shrimp are coming in to do bad things
#7 Ogh Connect Ogh and Sim Ogh is in town, seeking help for Aunt
#8 GM ? ? Was there a solo Ty scene?
#9 Ty Connect Ty & Oghma Longsword expresses his desire to keep the peace in person at the High Temple, and demands that his underling keep things under control. Did I hint at the presence of GimGim the Grim, master spy?
#10 Stayn Connect Stayn & ? Stayn getting ready to stop the Morokanth and Alth. raid
#11 GM Scheme The Morokanth did something
#12 Big Conflict The ghetto The big battle. Guys did great.
#13 Stayn Solo ?
#14 Kolar? ? ? Very happy favour (?)
#15 GM/JorJar Connect ? ?
#16 Calliope ? ? ?

Close Montage: Something about Ernaldan priestesses getting rumors from Javin, via the courtesan. And Javin in trouble for dereliction of duty.

Oghma has revealed that Tintalker is not the Argarth. Some kinda duel with Jotoran longsword is in the offing.

WORST SESSION NOTES EVAR (should not have waited 13 days to make them)

+3 Morale preserved from slights, promoted even
Magic not affected.

Default Resistance 23/18 on next adventure.



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