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The New Temple

to what will we sacrifice

1620/Storm Season/Truth Week/Entire week

August 12

Targeted Resource: Wealth
Player’s Resource: Morale

1620/StormSeason/Truth Week/Entire Week

Javin showed up, unexpectedly. The Bullfords are moved from Enemy to Neutral status by Caliope’s intervention. A Lunar colonist is hit by a raid, and a suitable sacrifice is gathered for the sanctification of a new temple at The Pairing Stones. Angry City Peacers will lay off the Golden Arrows, but those who haven’t declared allegiance to the City Peacers or the Imperials will still be the target of gangs. What will happen to Bladezz?

|. Scene Number |. Player/GM? |_. Type |. Characters|. Details|
| #1 | GM | Scheme | Farangar H.teeth |Farangar and some Praxians look over Lunar prospector’s village and plan a smash raid to get booty for sacrifice. |
| #2 | Stayn | Color | Stayn and his essence construct/Davydd |Stayn investigates sorcery. Inside a study circle inscribed by Davydd, Stayn follows his essence-construct to the boundaries of the Sorcerous plane. |
| #3 | Calliope | Color | Calliope | Calliope starts to look for the lost Lita, learns she is being held for questioning in the Lunar barracks. |
| #4 | Calliope | Group | Calliope, Ty | Ty is working out at the Humakt temple. The two commisserate, talk of wedded future, set off for Lita. Various Humakti react badly to her presence. |
| #5 | Siph| Color | Oliver, Bladezz | Introducing street fortuneteller. Magic comes from attenuated shamanistic tradition (the worship of Kolat). Tells a fortune to help a starving orphan boy. Then, a member of the Eel Gang asks for advice for upcoming raid. Siph tells him to not hurt anyone. |
| #6 | Ty | Group | Ty, Calliope, Haloric G.brow | The two get the Lightcaptain onside to secure the release of Lita. Sun worshipper disses Humakti. |
| #7 | Siph | Meet | ? | What did she do?|
| #8 | Javin | Meeting |Javin, Jotoran, Lita | The crew negotiate for Lita’s release: she was questioned by Lunars, no torture, spoke of her prophecies but no clan secrets given up. |
[!!!] [Note: Skipped a Scheming scene where Kolli the Portly decides to let E-side gangs loose on those opposed to city peace.] |
| #9 | GM | Intrigue | Riverside gangs, aid from Caliope, Javin | The gangs (including Eels and Bladezz) strike into the ghetto. Clan fends off threats to its wealth. |
| #10 | Stayn | Meet: Clan | Stayn, PCs, Clan | The pressure to commit to one of the factions is strong. Farangar’s proposal to raid the prospector recieves some approbation. Some voices suggest simply going along with the upcoming wedding of Pavis and the Lunar Goddess.
| #11 | GM | Intrigue | Farangar joins clan meeting | A member of the hated Bullford Clan asks for the Golden Arrows to support the sanctification of a new altar to Orlanth out at the Pairing Stones. |
| #12 | Group Extended Conflict | GM & Players |Players pursuing variety of agendas |Ty joins the raid, Javin protects Calliope’s hyena, Siph meets up with the young gangster, Stayn negotiates a “lay off” pact with Kolli. |

Closing Montage:
Ran out of time.
Could’ve run my leftover scenes here.

Missing scenes
- GM/In-group/Scheme: Should have had a Kolli the Portly scene
- GM/In-group/Intrigue: Perhaps at the end, Kolli talking to another “friend” of the Golden Arrows who will be important.


  • the clan’s War resource remained unaffected, though still in crisis
  • Threats to Wealth overcome, a donation of Wealth was made.
  • Clan’s morale withstood attempts to break it.


  • Default Resistance 23/18 on next adventure.
  • We will pick up on 1620, Sacred Time, Luck Week, Freezeday. This is the first week of sacred time.
    “In the two weeks of a Year (the fourteen days just before the spring equinox), the barrier between the Mundane World and Otherworlds is weakened. Magical rituals are done during this time in each communities for this status.”
  • The following session will be “Fate Week.”
  • At the end of that, we will look at the state of the clan and plan for arc #2.



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