Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

1st Session: Dwarven Demolition

Character Creation and 1st Episode

1 Schemer: Ginkizzie prepares his dwarves for a move against a target
2 Solo: O-gul cleans up the privvies at his bar, the Bubbling Baboon: critical success
3 Solo: Stayn wakes up from hangover, scans the passersby for likely pockets to pick
4 Solo: Caliope bakes delicious steamed buns — a new treat, popular with the crowd
5 Solo: Lita, wide eyed and innocent oracle, draws a crowd with her plaintive cries
6 Schemer: Bor-Eel stares into the distance, eager to see what happens when the Mostali begin tearing down a noisome bar in Farmer’s Town
7 Solo: Malancthon looks out from the Temple of Pavis, tries but fails to divine the schedule of the Mostali
8 Solo: Davydd sneaks into the Knowledge Temple a little early and learns the secret name of the unusual runic charm he has: its meaning is “The Faceless King”
9 Intrigue: Ginkizzie and Bor Eel confer over the schedule. It is approved and the dwarves troop through Sun Town, past the Farmer’s Market, and right over the the Bubbling Baboon
10 Solo: Oghma, a struggling young orphan with a meagre flock of goats approaches the town and sees the Morokanth who took his parents bringing a crowd of herd men to to town. Prepares to sneak up.
11 Group Scene (Team): The PCs are all in range of one another and take various actions. Lita seeks Malancthon, who has hurried to the scene with eldrich speed. Caliope and Stayn assist O-gul in keeping this bar safe. Oghma unleashes an arrow at Goldthumb the Morokanth from the shadows, but with preternatural speed, the tapir wheels a herd man around in defense.
12 Extended Conflict [reduced to group simple contest]: a MAAAAASIVE victory for the clan. O-gul’s battle horn summons an intimidating crowd of clansmen, Malancthon hypnotizes Ginkizzie, Davydd baffles some of the followers. The Mostali retreat to Dwarf Town.

No time to do proper session wrap up.



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