Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

Demon Dogs at the Festival

1. [GM] Color/Occupation: A moon-masked lunar agent releases dogs towards the Garhound settlement, they turn invisible.
2. [GM] Connection/In-Group: Gavial Latish working in knowledge temple researching “Pavis” and “Marriage”: Davydd is tasked with getting some scrolls from the stacks. Haetera, priestess of Irripi Ontor is there too.
3. [PC] STAYN—Connection/Clan: Stayn gets the leadership together behind is proposal to gather more wealth: a big market celebration hosted by the Golden Arrows. They go for it.
4. [GM] Connection/Out-Group: Ginkizzie approaches Ogul and the leadership of the clan: announces that the demolition of the bar will take place after the Lunar festival. The implication is that the clan would be wise to go along with the grand Lunar festival coming up.
5. [PC] LITA—Connection/Clan: Lita visits Brygga the Mayor. She will encourage members of the Garhound Clan to come. She is fully aware that the Governor is planing a procession in honour of the Goddess and the Emperor. She is happy to encourage this side-festival as well, just not officially.
6. [GM] Colour/Occupation: Haloric Sunspear and his bodyguard stride from Suntown into Farmer’s Town to speak to the clan leaders about the Lunar festival. I forget why.
7. [GM] Connection/Occupation: H. goes to visit clan leader. He laid down that he wanted everyone in the town to at least make an appearance. He agrees to make an appearance at the festival, but politics and genuine support of the occupation will force hime to be at the Lunars’ parade.
8. [PC] STAYN—Colour: Stayn working up posters. [I didn’t give him a chance to shine]
9. [PC] OGHMA—Colour/Clan: Oghma and Alynx climbing the city rooftops and delivering a rabbit to Lita to ask for a reading of the entrails.
10. & 11. & 12. [Unclear Scene Type] Caliope and Ty involved in some type of flirting. Lita comes down to talk about the reading of the entrails which went badly. There is no way to tell how the ritual will go.

@ Exception @
Davydd snuck in an augment by alerting the clan to the presence of invisible demons. Cool. I don’t want to be Hitlerian about the scene economy, but use your resources wisely: I’m thinking of asking for a Hero Point everytime someone wants to get in an extra action.

Overlooked Scenes
13. [PC] Caliope—Color: OVERLOOKED [did you do something with Grandma?]
14. [PC] Ty—Connection: OVERLOOKED [was this when Lita came down for a talk?]
15. [GM] Color/Outgroup: OVERLOOKED [never saw Ginkizzie rolling solo?]

16. [GM & PC] Extended Contest: (Reduced to a group simple contest. Gotta stop doing that.)
Stakes>> Lunars ruin the festival and damage clan magic. Clan pulls off festival and improves wealth.

  • Didn’t happen.
  • Most of the characters piled on to save the alynxes, some resorted to self defense.
  • Again, the crew were victorious

Post session worked fairly well this time. I will bring out the full selection of Lore Sheets next time.

Clan continues to have great success. And the obstacles are now at Very High. General Resistance is 16, Augment Obstacle is 15.



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