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Final Sacrifice

New Skins for Old Ceremonies

The marriage of Pavis and the Lunar Goddess took place on earth. It was not consummated in heaven. That means that the rulers will go on as if the ceremony had worked, whereas our heroes know that this is not so.

Moreover, at the Pairing Stones, the burned corpse of the Lunar administrator seems to have revivified the fertilizing stream of the River of Cradles. But Orlanth has been seen as too preoccupied with events in the homeland to reach out to the exiles. What god responded to the sacrifice?

Much to determine in the next arc.

Player’s Resource: War (successful)
Target Resource: Magic (very successful)
- the Sun Domers wanted the arrow magic to be used on their behalf
- Javin loosed the tribe’s arrows on a Lightson who was participating in the Lunars’ heroquest w.o. approval: that counts

1620/Sacred Time/Fate/

This scene mechanic is not entirely satisfying. It really broke down in the final session. The play was great, but that was despite my scheme not because of it.

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue GM A cabal of 6 magicians, under the leadership of Jotoran Longsword initiate a heroquest designed to break the Golden Arrows’ magical independence.
#2 Stayn Solo S and bunch of dwarves Stayn uses one of his sorcery spells at an great difference. A trivial spell that is a token of great power.
#3 GM Intrigue Dwarf and Stayn Dwarfs ask Stayn for some insight into his quaint mythology: will Orlanth be interfering in the wedding or not? The answer is … nope. Let us assume Stayn gets this note to them later.
#4 Javin Connect Javin, Ty, Zephyrus Messing around in the market square. Good roleplaying but I can’t recall what happened. Alcohol threatens to dilute Ty’s purpose. It doesn’t. Scene extends to a visit to the temple of Humakt. Ty is aware that he is being drawn into another character’s heroquest. He is given encouragement by the priest.
#5 Oghma Connect Oghma, Timo, Sif(?) At the temple shrine, Timo opens the way to the god and Oghma tries to interpret his state: his gaze is frozen towards the West and cannot turn to his lost children. Heavy bummer.
#6 Javin Solo Encounter with Lightcaptain Haloric reminds Javin of the GA’s longstanding promise to contribute a blessing to the Sun Domers. And asks where a certain Lightson has gone after being last seen heading towards the Imperial barracks.
#7 Zephyr Solo Z. and Oneida Oneida asks why Z. is spending so much time w. Ty. She also asks him to renew their year-marriage bond. This, he does.
#8 Sif Group? The big clan get down. This was a wonderful debate. I wish I could remember it all. I do remember when the celebrants of the marriage of Pavis and the Lunar God came traipsing into your ’hood and mocked your gods.
Finale: the whole team heads off to the Pairing Stones. Taking the roles of the 7 Mothers, Lunar personages representing the Tamer of Barbarians, the Solar Emperor, the Red Goddess, the Penitent Criminal, the Innocent Sacrifice, the Witch, and the shadowy She Who Waits have summoned Ty. He is fated to play the role of the grim face of death tamed by the Empire. He and his fellows hack the myth. All of the clan's magic and the bonuses Ty has been saving up come in for the big whammy. Assists from the other players keep Ty ahead of Longsword. His body is placed on the paring stones and ignited to sanctify the altar. The current of the Zola Fel begins to swell, despite the absence of any storms from Orlanth. Lita and Horseteeth, playing the roles of Orlanth and Ernalda, are free of the spell imposed by the 7 Mothers.

Close Montage: The marriage ceremony continues with much fanfare in Pavis. We know that it is a hollow sham.

+3 War (Lunar legate is dead. That’s gotta make running a city hard.
+9 Magic (Truth of mythical situation established, major innovation in setting created — sanctified altar, debt to Sun Domers repaid, effective use of clan magic to counter enemy heroquest).

Default Resistance 23/18 on next adventure.



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