Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers


with friends like these ...

Player’s Resource: Morale
Target Resource: War

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Color X x Courageous, Ingili
#2 Stayn Color X x Ambitious, Temple to Air
#3 Callipoe Color X x ?, Lafe happens, you make best
#4 GM Scheming X x Ambition, Gortar< Amelio, Silver Ring
#5 Stayn Connecting X x ?, Mom – inspire
#6 GM Color X Jor Jor-Jars
#7 Ty Connect X x Courageous
#8 Jor-Jar ? X x ?, Intrigue
#9 Scharman ? X x ?, Intrigue
#10 Ty Solo X x ?, -
#11 Ty Color X x ?, Temple

Unstable War -3

# GM/Player Type Note
1 GM Scheme Halarax Matu Song
2 Stayn Color S. and Oreena White, massage & promise
3 Ty Connect Ambition/Move Brown ’n White the Duck (Eggs) Zephy, Puzzle canal
4 Calliope Connect Shrewd Home, making, ? Homboom
5 Lita Connect ? Calliope used the kind? Sent to talk to Jorjar
5 GM Scheme Tintalker the messiah talking to whom?
6 Zephyrus Connect Stayn, Cal, Zeph, and bunch of others?
7 Was there some sort of Zephyrus solo scene?
8 Jotoran Longsword
9 GM Intrigue GimGim! Trouble at the air temple
9 Stayn Connect Calliope, Stayn Drugs. Drug guy and GimGim (disguise)
10 The Final Conflict: The massive destruction of the temple it explodes


They wanted peacemaking onside: but hey just went for it. Still, you guys proved yourselves to be good peacemakers.
Peace +3
War +3 for making pals w. duck bandits

I have to make these notes right away or they make no damn sense.

Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure.



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