Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

Holy Shit

why does religion have to be so damn EXPENSIVE?

Player’s Resource: Peace
Target Resource: Wealth

1620/Storm Season/Illusion Week/Entire week

Slow start-up, new character created, some scenes missed

|. Scene Number |. Player/GM? |_. Type |. Characters|. Details|
| #1 | Stayn | Color |Stayn, audience of songs|Stayn composes a song, “Holy Shit” which is designed to inculcate sober, clear-eyed perception of current troubles in Pavis|
| #2 | Javan | Color |Javan, on duty with city proles |Puts on a show of being extra vigilant |
| #3 | Ty | Color |Ty, training for ritual duel as part of devotion ceremony |Ty is really getting warmed up for the devotee ceremony |
| #4 | GM | Intrigue |Jotoran Longsword and the whole clan |At a public meeting Jotoran reads the Imperial proclamation that there will be a ritual wedding of Pavis with the Moon Goddess as a consequence of the destruction of the Air Temple, and that the imminent fall of Whitewall will mean the end of Orlanth worship. |
| #5 | Stayn| NPC |Stayn, Ginkizzie dwarves |Dwarves are unsure of what the marriage means, it is not in the schedule. Stayn convinces them to study their schedule and thus effects a delay in their participation in the remodeling of the temple. But to study Mostal’s schedule they need to complete construction of an observatory in a propitious spot: Uncle Ogul’s bar. |
| #6 | Javan | NPC |Javan, Longsword’s office, view of GimGim heading to torture chambers |Javan fully convinces Longsword that the Golden Arrows will be good on their contribution. |
| #7 | Ty | NPC |Ty, seeking Praxians fails, meets Basmoli berserkers |A search for the allies ends up with a bizarre desert encounter with lion berserkers. They do promise to help Ty meed emissaries of prominent Praxian groups.|
| #8 | GM | Scheme|Jotoran Longsword |J.L. working the enemies of the Golden Arrows |Bullfords, Lismeldings, Latish, Ingili and the Altmandi throw in big cash for wedding of Moon and Pavis|
| #9 | GM | Scheme |Tintalker |T. working friends of the Golden Arrows|The Orvost, Woodpecker, Black Spear, and the Garhounds promise blood and treasure to support the building of the rebel temple in the rubble|
| #10 | GM | Intrigue |Tintalker |Stayn, Javan, and Ty are summoned to a meeting at the hideout. Tintalker drills them about the lack of donations from the G.Arrows. Stayn again fobs him off with promises of forthcoming aid.|
| #11 | Group Extended Conflict | GM & Players |Players pursuing collective agenda: prepare for rebellion |Javan and Stayn spied on Fleeter Nim and the revision of Pavis temple, narrow victory, and Ty meets various tribal representatives and presents himself as possible ally. |


  • the clan’s War resource remained unaffected, though still in crisis
  • Clan got both interested parties to back off a while on demands for religious contribution
    [ ] no change to Wealth
  • +3 to Peace (for showing all sides that the Golden Arrows are reasonable and for reaching out to Praxians)


  • Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure. [previous resistance was not updated, so don’t be unfair to players]
  • We will pick up on 1620, Truth Week, Freezeday. This is the last week before Sacred Time
    “In the two weeks of a Year (the fourteen days just before the spring equinox), the barrier between the Mundane World and Otherworlds is weakened. Magical rituals are done during this time in each communities for this status. "
  • next session will be “Luck Week”
  • the following session will be “Fate Week”
    at the end of that, we will look at the state of the clan and plan for arc #2



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