Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

Showdown at the Temple

it all goes boom

Player’s Resource: Morale
Target Resource: War

1620/Storm Season/Movement Week/Windsday — High Holy Day

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Scheme Halarax H. is teaching a derisive song about Orlanth and praise of Matu, the storm god cult promoted by the Empire: this is based on the popular songs that were chanted by partisans of different theologies in 3rd century Christendom.
#2 Stayn Color S. and Oreena White Stayn seeks healing and message, high priestess of Chalana Arroy suggests that S. should use his songs to promote peace.
#3 Ty Connect Ty, Zephyrus & Brown n’ White The guys are in the middle of another job: using an old map to find some kind of “egg” treasure in the Puzzle Canal. They interrupt a duck in the middle of recovering it. Duck agrees to a deal: they split the 1,000 years-old Kralorean eggs. Zephyrus eats one for good luck. Duck asks if some of his clan can enter the Air temple with the Golden Arrows.
#4 Callipe Solo Scene C. & the troll caravan Calliope transforms the scorpionman parts into tasty buns and gets paid by the Trolls
#5 Lita Connecting Lita and Calliope C. sends L. to negotiate with JorJar the corrupt cop, but that falls through. She gets lost.
#6 GM Scheming Tintalker T. doing some crazy messianic routine.
#7 Zephyrus Connect Z., Stayn, Cal, Zeph Everyone is in the bakery. Various plans are bruited about concerning the upcoming High Holy Day and keeping the clan together. To keep everyone mellow, C. and S. propose distributing hazia-laden buns to the crowd.
#8 ? ? ? Was there a solo Ty scene?
#9 GM Intrigue Jotoran Longsword Longsword expresses his desire to keep the peace in person at the High Temple, and demands that his underling keep things under control. Did I hint at the presence of GimGim the Grim, master spy?
#10 Stayn Connect Stayn, Calliope, the dealer and dude with 1/2 moon mask C. took the valuable eggs and sold them to the gourmand Trolls with the caravan. S. took the money and in a weird encounter with a masked figure, obtained a significant amount of high-grade hazia.
#11 Big Conflict TYPE Falkitius the Good, Jotoran, and the whole crew Wow. The procession through the temple went well. Then Tintalker showed up and went all Sampson on the place. He zapped Falkitius the good. Zephyrus made sure the Ducks didn’t go kamikaze. Ty got the Golden Arrows out. Stayn tried to talk some sense into Tintalker. The odds were balanced, but Tintalker won the roll. The Temple fell to its foundations.

-3 to War (ongoing suspicions due to brawl with Dolphins)
+3 to War (for allegiances to the Ducks)
+3 to Peace (for showing all sides that the Golden Arrows are reasonable)

Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure.



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